Heart Sick

Life is crazy! We can wash our face, pretend to smile, and put on a show so that everything appears to be fine and dandy. Then we walk by friends who cordially ask "How are you?", and if we feel good enough to answer it's usually with a quick superficial response of, "I'm great! How are you?".... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Eyes of Mine

The other day I was chatting with a friend on the topic of relationships; which is by the way one of my favorite topics ☺. She asked me, "Jason, what type of women do you like? Or, what type of women do you find attractive?" First of all, before responding I should've realized it was... Continue Reading →

Make It Last Forever

Recently someone close to me opened their heart on some issues they were having in their marriage. And, honestly after listening to them it made me feel hopeless. And, I'm not someone who accepts that feeling easily, as I always want to see a happy ending to every story. But, I realized that happy endings don't... Continue Reading →

Lonely… Stressed… Tired

I'm learning that HOPE is something not to take for granted. Hope can make someone go crazy, especially if they are hoping for something unrealistic. I know it's weird, but I often think about the people who sailed across the ocean without GPS. How in the world could someone get in a boat and travel for... Continue Reading →

Relationship and Dating Woes

There are some people who feel like dating life is so much better than married life. One of my friends told me, "Dude enjoy being single and having a girlfriend as much as you can. Man, when you're dating, you get the benefits without the responsibility!" Though his statement does sound a little bit immature, I definitely understand... Continue Reading →

How Do You Show & Receive Love?

Do you know your love language? Feeling loved means so much to me. I know that my love language is Quality Time and Physical Touch. As I am becoming more mature and the more I talk/write about love, I realize that even the definition of the word "LOVE" can easily be misinterpreted; as the word's meaning... Continue Reading →

Finding the Courage to Love

How many times have you felt that you met the right person at the right time... but you still had trouble accepting their love or maybe you had trouble with showing love, to the point where that relationship could rise out of the "friend-zone", or from just dating, and onto the next level. When I... Continue Reading →

Meeting People: Friends or Lovers?

Having discernment when creating new relationships can be more of trial and error, than having a rule of thumb. For me, as I become more mature in life, the clearer I understand what it is I'm looking for in a relationship. Every person in your life plays a role (or multiple roles). So when you meet... Continue Reading →

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