Tonight I watched two movies which focused on love and relationships. Watching both of them made me really think about the ideal relationship. The first movie I saw, “When Harry Met Sally”, is a classic. I’ve probably seen it at least 10-20 times. The second is a movie that came out this year, “The Bobby Brown Story”. I was shocked at how much I loved it.

Now, I know everyone has their own perspective of what an ideal relationship is, especially this new generation of millennials. Recent studies show that marriages are on the decline (link) and partnerships (living together) are on the rise. Just other day, I read a blog about millennials and what they want out of life. The thing which stood out to me in the blog was how it said that millennials want real love… when I read it, I was like, “Hmmmm. I guess they don’t just want love or to be loved, but they want real love.” I smiled after I read it, as I thought to myself that most millennials probably do know what love feels like, but I wonder if they know how to give it.

Let me say this… if someone truly loves you, it’s always real. The issue is being wise enough to know that love, even real love, isn’t enough to create a successful relationship in itself.

I absolutely love “When Harry Met Sally“. It’s one of my favorite films of all time. Even though it was made in 1989, it is still a relevant and interesting love story for millennials. I feel it does a great job on illustrating how men and women think about relationships, the everyday life of a single professional, how people lived before smartphones 😉 and most of all… how the ideal relationship should focus more on longevity and friendship, rather than status and artificial intimacy that’s made for social media.

Ok… I have to say this, “I love New Edition and R&B music“… and though I have listened to R&B music my whole adult life, I never really knew about Bobby Brown’s personal life and struggles, until Whitney Houston and their daughter died a few years ago. Nevertheless, after watching “The Bobby Brown Story“, oh my goodness… I loved it so much! I feel it touched so many bases on relationships, life, love, family, death, struggles, and most of all…. it touched base on how a person can change over time and how family should always stick together.

So what is the ideal relationship? I’ll never forget one of my closest friends told me this… he said to me, “A relationship has to have the three T’s to succeed. It has to be based upon Truth, Trust, and Transparency.

I suppose the ideal relationship is different for everyone. As we all have differing cultural values, foundational core beliefs, and ways we communicate love. Oh well, I guess I just hope that anyone who is looking for love finds it.

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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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