My Life:

Who is the man behind the words in the blogs? He is a country raised Christian middle-class African-American male. Well, I’m obviously more than that :), but I guess that’s a few of my demographics.

Growing up on a large 200 acre farm in the small village in Wilson, Louisiana, where I essentially had no neighbors. Though I was ignorant to many life experiences common to most young boys and teenagers, I had a sense of freedom coupled with an endless imagination that shapes the man who I am today.

Throughout my adulthood, I have traveled all over the country and visited a few countries outside of our nation. I believe traveling is one of the best ways to remain youthful and passionate. It allows you to recognize that the world is larger than what you see in your daily life.

I really follow my heart in life. My passions lie in many different things, and I’m always open to discover something new everyday. Who I am as a person is very complex yet simple. The below videos will provide a glimpse of my passions and my personality. As some of my greatest loves are acting, helping people, and playing music.

The pictures below are just some images which display all the facets of my life, as I’m still traveling the road on this long journey of living and learning. Though I have some regrets, I would not change anything as I have learned from all my mistakes. I believe it’s best to look into the past with a positive perspective, as you can never change the past, but we can always create our future.

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