People’s Opinions: Be Yourself

Being this is season of spreading love, all while trying to embody a spirit of joy and happiness, I cannot help but to have a greater insight into the character of those who choose not to live in the spirit of this holiday season. The holidays really do bring out the best and the worst in people. There are some who really do give from their heart, in effort to show love and kindness, while others will get mad at the world and take it out on everyone they know because they’re not getting what they want or their life … Continue reading People’s Opinions: Be Yourself

What’s Your Love Language?

Have you ever felt neglected, or sometimes felt as if you didn’t receive love from someone who you feel, or know, loves you? For me, the answer is “Yes, I have definitely felt  that way before.” I’ve learned that sometimes what I feel may not reflect with what I know to be true, when it comes to feeling loved. So, one day a friend of mine told me about a book called the 5 Love Languages. And, even though I knew that love is shown and received in multiple ways. The book helped me learn about how I viewed love, … Continue reading What’s Your Love Language?