Searching for Love…

Why do we search for love? Is it something that's already embedded inside us that causes us to long for companionship and love? I think so. It's a natural feeling. When you feel all alone in the midst of a group of people, when the stresses of life befall upon you and you need encouragement,... Continue Reading →

Learning How to Love

There is no 30-minute YouTube video that can teach you how to love. Now, I have read the Bible front to back. I have also read other great books like The Seven Levels of Intimacy by Matthew Kelly, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer, The Law of Attraction, The 5 Love Languages, and even... Continue Reading →


Why is it so hard for people to say how they feel? Is it ignorance, indifference, or is it because people have suppressed their true feelings so much they just don't want to acknowledge them, or maybe don't know how to deal with them. There are people who can probably talk/text over the phone all... Continue Reading →

How much Baggage do you have?

You know I was having tea and coffee with a friend a few nights ago. We were just catching up, talking about life and things we're currently pursuing. She's pretty intelligent, so I loved the conversation. Anyway, we naturally got on the topic of past relationships. Through talking with her and even some of my... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Love Language?

Have you ever felt neglected, or sometimes felt as if you didn't receive love from someone who you feel, or know, loves you? For me, the answer is "Yes, I have definitely felt  that way before." I've learned that sometimes what I feel may not reflect with what I know to be true, when it... Continue Reading →

Love At First Sight

Do you believe in Love At First Sight? For some this may be an easy question. I feel only people who have been really heartbroken or those who have been lucky to find their soul mate at a young age are able to pop out a quick response. I recently asked myself this question, because... Continue Reading →

Are You Selfish?

The word selfish, is usually spoken with a negative connotation. So, generally no positive person would ever refer to themselves as being selfish. Like, who jumps up and says, "I want to hang out with some selfish people today!" Yet, it's clear that we all have some aspects of selfishness rooted in the nature of... Continue Reading →

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