Father’s Day Dream

Yesterday was Father’s Day. It is one day out of the year we stop to celebrate men who have children. However, for some reason it felt just like any other Sunday, outside of a few text messages and social media comments from friends and family. Not that I expected some sort of elaborate celebration. I honestly didn’t have any expectations, as I didn’t plan to do anything outside of the norm.

Nevertheless, as the day was ending I felt the day was tasteless. I felt I should’ve made more of an effort to honor the men in my life, as I could clearly see the world around me doesn’t emphasize Father’s Day.

When a Mother’s Day is around the corner, you can’t go into a store without seeing balloons, cards, special signs, and gifts as soon as you go into a store. It’s like a family day. Even TV news anchors and television shows will all commemorate Mother’s Day. And, if you go to church, you know it will be some type of special acknowledgment to mothers.

How do you really feel Jason?

In my opinion, I really feel like Mother’s Day is often celebrated in a way that gives honor to all women in general, not just women who have children. Yesterday, I believe most people (including myself) did not make real investments in celebrating Father’s Day. That makes me concerned.

I didn’t write any sentimental cards or make any “real” sacrifices to acknowledge/celebrate any of the father figures in my life yesterday… other than the cordial salute via social media. Anyway. I just wanted to point out we all need to make more of an effort to celebrate fathers.

Last night I had a dream. I’ll try my best to encapsulate what I still remember. Just fyi, my dreams are like a whirlwind of thoughts and imaginations.

The Dream

The dream took place in some unknown area of Louisiana. I didn’t recognize exactly where I was. In the dream my father was still alive and my close immediate family were all in the dream. It was a 3-part dream.

The first part of the dream – I was walking around a construction site of a building that I thought could’ve been my house. It was a large building. I walked through the construction zone making jokes with some of the construction workers. I remember a few of them wore nice stylish beanie caps with dog ears.

It was in a nice suburban area with other homes nearby. I remember walking to the back of the construction area to an open area. There I made some meaningless conversation with some of the people there. And, after a few jokes here and there, I left. However, all the construction workers left in one direction, but I left in the opposite direction with a group of people who were also in the open area behind the building. I remember a young girl taking my hand as we walked off.

The second part of the dream – I was in a courthouse or multiple floor corporate type of building. I was there to check on something dealing with custody of my son. I received some sort of payment for child support, and I was standing there talking with one of the workers. Then all of a sudden my son’s mother walks next to me, almost in slow motion. It shocked me. I dropped everything in my hands. But, for some reason she didn’t immediately recognize me, so I picked up everything I dropped and walked towards the stairs to leave the building.

Then she suddenly recognizes me. Begins to chase after me, only to catch me when I reach the next floor. We begin to tussle with one another, as I attempt to defend myself and leave the situation. Then I see my best friend in a distance, and I yell for him. He rushes over in an attempt to separate us, but he immediately leaves as he doesn’t want to be publicly recognized or be associated with our altercation.

More people are rushing over to stop us from tussling with each other. I then see my mom. I believe she must’ve came with me. My son was supposed to be with my mom, but for some reason I didn’t see my son. I soon recognized my son’s mother had taken our child and ran off. I then began wailing and arguing with my mother, to try to help her understand what all happened. Yet, she responded to my cries with indifference. It seemed as if I was speaking a different language or something. So when I recognized she didn’t understand me… I immediately paused and stopped speaking.

The third part of the dream – The setting of this part of the dream was in an older fixer-upper 4 bedroom home. I remember the kitchen cooking area being unclean and in shambles. The whole house looked like it needed a HGTV makeover. Another weird aspect of this part of the dream…. Dirk Nowitzki was living in one bedroom of the house. And, he was always busy doing something. He always had to go to the bathroom for some reason. And, I specifically remember him having a bathrobe that looked like something Prince would wear.

My father, mother and brother were also in the house. I remember all of us having conversations, even though I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about. Except, I recall my father and mother pushing me to sell or give my brother an old truck for some reason. I remember feeling like I needed the truck to carry my furniture, as I was planning on moving somewhere. Plus, I remember traveling in my mind to different places all while dreaming. It was weird. I didn’t know where I was going to go, but I knew I had to leave where I was.

My dream was so vivid. When I awoke this morning I didn’t know where I was. I could barely see the ceiling due to the small amount of light coming through the window curtains from the early morning sun. I looked at the ceiling and bedroom door, soon realizing I was safe at home… and it all was just a dream.

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