A Young Woman’s Perspective on The World Around Her

One of my Facebook friends posted this blog a few years back… it’s just her perspective on life, social media, black culture, and societal ignorance. Though it was a private blog, which I respect by not disclosing her identity… I feel the words from her heart echoes through many people, and I just wanted to share those sounds.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King

‘Ignorance is Bliss’ yeah, but when you Know Better… it should Motivate you to DO Better…

It is disheartening to say the least to see my people, young Blacks speak and behave with total disregard for themselves or others.

When Brother, has been replaced with Nigga and Sister has been replaced by Bitch and Hoe or something else just as vulgar or demeaning, and it’s cool????? That’s when respect for self and others is made mockery. Not only reveling in but embracing ignorance and rewarding stupidity.

The internet helps to further perpetrate this madness as even the most ignorant, most uneducated, most close minded person has an opportunity to say something to someone, anyone. I find many people who may be quick on the rap trip and can shoot from the hip, but aren’t interested in entering into any dialogue on a somewhat thoughtful or insightful discourse. Their contribution to any discussion is little more than a FCK YOU, STFU or LMFAO……, And little attention span beyond a music video or lyrics of song.

black-woman artHey, but is it really true “if you don’t want a black person to know something, put it in a book’.?

Wisdom and Understanding are the keys to growth. Not wishing or thinking about it, but action, to swim again the steady flow that becomes a current to strong to pull away from… Life, the life of the struggle, of history, the history of the past… and the new past we create each day… life is far too precious to allow ourselves to be swallowed up in the abyss of ignorance or the insanity of the game. Don’t allow Youthful Ignorance to become your lifestyle… or your detriment…

Being a people of principles isn’t easy. If it was easy everybody would be doing it. But it’s not unattainable. We must not be so quick to throw our principles away because we can’t attain perfection or have immediate gratification. If we do so, We continue to allow ourselves and others to be the victim of our own circumstance, a generation of wandering individual who give birth to another generation of ignorance and stupidity. We are MORE than that.

We have principles. Principles aplenty. We simply chose when they apply and when they don’t. We might be a people who say we believe in growth, success, equality, fairness and all it takes to get there…. But when it comes times to put those pretty words into practice, we see that we allow our ignorance to manifest at the drop of a hat/or a word. And when such gaping holes of immaturity and ignorance appear in our beliefs and the ideas that we hold self evident, it really is a ‘no-brainer’ to see that although we might be principled……. OUR INTEGRITY IS SORELY LACKING.

I guess I realize that this is probably part of the blog mix. Just keeping it real…


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