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be yourselfBeing this is season of spreading love, all while trying to embody a spirit of joy and happiness, I cannot help but to have a greater insight into the character of those who choose not to live in the spirit of this holiday season. The holidays really do bring out the best and the worst in people. There are some who really do give from their heart, in effort to show love and kindness, while others will get mad at the world and take it out on everyone they know because they’re not getting what they want or their life isn’t what they want it to be.

One of my friends hurt me the other day, and honestly I don’t know how to handle it. I tell myself that I forgave her. I even still speak to her; I don’t ignore her when she calls, but I don’t know if I truly forgave her in my heart.

The whole thing was over her misinterpretation of some advice or opinions I gave her, as we discussed some relationship issues in her life. I believe she felt I was demeaning her or trying to advise her to do something that was totally opposite of what I was saying. And, after the conversation she sent me some weird text messages… and they really made me question the worth of our friendship. I was like, “Do I even want to respond to this? Is our friendship worth my response to her message.” Though I ended up responding, I only responded because I loved her as a friend, and you can’t just ignore people you love… that’s so immature and disrespectful.

Being the ripe old age of 33, I have come to realize that people will always have their opinions about everything you do… you might as well do your best to follow your heart, because if you are constantly making the extra effort trying to please everyone else, you will end up working too hard at something that you ultimately cannot solve… and eventually you will end up tiring yourself out and you will be the only one unhappy. And I wish that everyone could be confident in themselves to just be who they are.

If you are looking for advice or the opinions of others…take this into consideration — If someone doesn’t value their own true feelings enough to be honest with themselves, they will never be able to fully place their faith or trust in someone else’s opinions about them. And, if a person is ever in a relationship that is stressing them out too much, taking their energy away from their life, or causing them to feel depressed about life…regardless of who is at fault in the relationship, no one’s perfect nor do things always turn out right, but after your emotions subside know that if you are true with your feelings and honest with yourself then ultimately things will be just fine. Trust your own opinions and just be yourself…. it’s hard, but it’s doable.

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