The Price of Ignorance

We live in a society that puts so much emphasis on wealth, social class, materialism, technology... and the primary mechanism to obtain any one of those things is M-O-N-E-Y. I probably spend hours everyday thinking about how I can create, find, or obtain more money for my family. Money drives our economy. To me money... Continue Reading →

Finding Happiness

The last few days have been trying on me. I'm usually a pretty jovial guy, as I like to smile, be around others who are positive and in good spirits. But, this past week has been filled with reasons which has caused me to be indifferent at times, unhappy at other times, and overall has... Continue Reading →

Sex… Love… Happiness??

The past few days I've been feeling lonely. Even though it's supposedly, "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year", and don't get me wrong, I love Christmas; it's just that I'm not liking my relationship status right now. Sometimes it's cool to be single. But, when the holidays roll around, being single sucks. You know... Continue Reading →

Nothing Really To Say

Lately I found myself not wanting to talk about much. I usually have a lot to say because usually my mind is filled with ideas, the colors of life, song ideas, opinions, etc. My thoughts filled with things I'm planning to do, things I'm doing, or mindless aspirations that take my attention as I daydream about... Continue Reading →

Make It Last Forever

Recently someone close to me opened their heart on some issues they were having in their marriage. And, honestly after listening to them it made me feel hopeless. And, I'm not someone who accepts that feeling easily, as I always want to see a happy ending to every story. But, I realized that happy endings don't... Continue Reading →

35 and Single

I'm definitely still learning about life every single day. Though I generally know what I want out of life, as I make out my plans every week and update my calendar with tasks, goals, and things I want to achieve, I still struggle with understanding what it all means. From trying to fulfill my desires... Continue Reading →

Invest In Yourself

Most people don't truly understand how a stock market works. But, they do understand that if you invest in a good stock at a low price, if that stock grows in value over time that initial investment will be multiplied. Just as one seed when planted in good soil, can yield/produce fruit up to a hundred... Continue Reading →


Is it not the simple things that matter the most. The sight of a baby smiling... the comforting feeling which comes from being around an old friend... the feeling felt from the slightest touch or tender embrace of someone you love.. listening to a beautiful song... or when you receive an unexpected gift. When experiencing... Continue Reading →

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