Invest In Yourself

Most people don’t truly understand how a stock market works. But, they do understand that if you invest in a good stock at a low price, if that stock grows in value over time that initial investment will be multiplied. Just as one seed when planted in good soil, can yield/produce fruit up to a hundred fold.

The principle of investment can be applied to all areas of life. But in life, investments that yield returns are those which are consistently made, and in most cases it always revolves around giving your TIME, ENERGY, and ATTENTION… and it also takes a certain amount of FAITH.

If anyone wants to live a fruitful life, they need to learn how to invest into their self. And, how you invest into yourself lies with understanding the things you value. I for one value my relationship with God, my family and my relationship with those who love me above all. However, some people may place a higher value on their career, physical appearance, or their lifestyle. Nevertheless, once you recognize your true values, only then will you be able to consistently make investments which will yield a return… instead of making sporadic investments into things in life that won’t produce anything. So… what do you value?

It’s true that those who make investments into their family and personal relationships will ultimately have more meaningful relationships than those who don’t. Just like those who invest into their education and careers will more than likely lead more financially stable lives than those who don’t.

All of us are the beneficiaries of someone else’s investment, in one way or another. There are certain things in life that people are just blessed with… such as a great smile, a wealthy family, athletic skills, or natural beauty,  And there are other things in life that you were given or you learned under tutelage … like a good education, fashion sense, work-ethic, patience, or good manners. Then there are the things in which you have created for yourself… like a good marriage, a network of loyal relationships, or a successful career.

Some people have been blessed with a lot, others have worked hard to create everything they have. But regardless of who you are or what you have done so far in life, how you invest in yourself NOW is the biggest determinant on how you will live in your FUTURE.

7 thoughts on “Invest In Yourself

  1. Jason, you made some really great points. I agree wholeheartedly. I’d have to mention that a lot of evangelical churches tend to sway away from such teachings of investing in yourself. They see it as a form of worshiping self rather than worshiping God, which I disagree with. God made us and loves us. Therefore, we can love ourselves in the most healthiest way and invest in ourselves. Lately I’ve been listening to my voice more…like when my body needs nourishment or when my soul needs time with friends. Investing in yourself is one of the greatest things you can do. Great blog post!


  2. It never dawned on me that in fact we are beneficiaries of someone else’s investment. So why not invest in ourselves for a higher return that benefits all parties involved.


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