The Cost of Success

Everything worth having comes at a price. There are some who only see value in $ dollar amounts, but everything has value. Your time, your attention, your effort, your ideas, your abilities, your talents, or a compliment you give to someone... all these things have value. Even your presence is valuable. People will pay you... Continue Reading →

What Is It That You Seek?

It is now the beginning of May. In a few weeks the season of Spring will end, and summer will be upon us; and the year which is 2014 will be halfway over. As I take a step back to think about all that has happened in the last few months of my life, though... Continue Reading →

A New Year

New beginnings... I feel that this year will be a year of new beginnings and new accomplishments. However, though I feel this year will bring a newness of life, I also understand that it's not going to come easy. I can see that this year will also be a year of separation and investment... as... Continue Reading →

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