Beauty and Attraction

There are so many things in life which are beautiful, which I pass by everyday. I know that I don’t live in the Garden of Eden, but there are times when I smile because I stopped to notice the spontaneous innocent words of a young child, or the natural contours of a well-aged oak tree, or when I go outside and experience the beautiful breezy cool weather of southern California. I had a random thought, as I saw a young girl wearing some tight leggings, walking down the sidewalk. Now, this wasn’t something special or anything, because basically all females, … Continue reading Beauty and Attraction


Approaching someone you’re attracted to can be very intimidating at times. Some people are cool with being rejected.. they can go up to one person after another, and get rejected every time.. haha 🙂 – that’s not me, I hate rejection, but I’m starting to believe that I need to feel rejection in order to appreciate the feelings of acceptance that a good relationship can bring. Can having the right words to say dramatically increase a man’s chance in getting a woman’s attention when approaching her, or do they even matter? One of my friends advocates this, and I feel the … Continue reading Speechless.