Beauty and Attraction

There are so many things in life which are beautiful, which I pass by everyday. I know that I don’t live in the Garden of Eden, but there are times when I smile because I stopped to notice the spontaneous innocent words of a young child, or the natural contours of a well-aged oak tree, or when I go outside and experience the beautiful breezy cool weather of southern California.

I had a random thought, as I saw a young girl wearing some tight leggings, walking down the sidewalk. Now, this wasn’t something special or anything, because basically all females, young and old, are wearing either tight jeans or some type of skin tight leggings. Anyway… just looking at her, I was a little confused. Because I was definitely attracted to her physically, her hair and her body, but overall I didn’t feel she was my type. This situation caused me to think on my views on attraction, and  I asked myself the question…

“What do you regard as beautiful, and what do you think is attractive?”

Beauty: So, now I’m thinking to myself, “What do I regard as beautiful?” Honestly, I feel that there are a lot of beautiful people in this world. So that means that being beautiful doesn’t necessarily correlate with physical beauty. It has more to do with someone’s emotions, what they care about, character, or personality.  

Attraction: I love women. And, though I love and am attracted to women of color, I think that all women have something attractive about them, regardless of how they look. I think what makes a woman attractive, has a lot to do with her compatibility with me, and less to do with how society views her. Since I’m not that experienced sexually, I’m not really that attracted to women that dress really sexy, or project a certain type of sexual appeal.

Looking at that young lady walking down the sidewalk, wearing her designer leggings… I can easily discern that she wore those clothes to get attention. I just don’t know if these young women truly understand the difference between being beautiful and being attractive; and that the image someone portrays, will directly affect the type of attention they receive.

When it comes to the topic of beauty and attraction and how it intertwines with my feelings towards women… my mind conceptualizes the difference between them both, in this quote, “I like her because she’s attractive, but I love you because you’re beautiful”.

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