Approaching someone you’re attracted to can be very intimidating at times. Some people are cool with being rejected.. they can go up to one person after another, and get rejected every time.. haha ūüôā – that’s not me, I hate rejection, but I’m starting to believe that I need to feel rejection in order to appreciate the feelings of acceptance that a good relationship can bring.

Can having the right words to say dramatically increase a man’s chance in getting a woman’s attention¬†when approaching her, or do they even matter? One of my friends advocates this, and I feel the same way..¬†Every¬†woman knows what type of guy she wants to be with, before¬†words are even spoken. It’s all about the energy between them — eye glances back and forth, smiles, natural body connection… Nevertheless, knowing how to talk to women to spark their interest in you, has value, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

Usually, regardless of the environment or¬†atmosphere that I am in, whether I’m at a lounge or business office,¬†I am completely cool and confident when I’m around women or approaching women that I’m not attracted to. But, when I see someone I do find attractive..¬†I’m feeling¬†their style and love the energy in which¬†they give off, honestly I do get a nervousness that may correspond into a loss of words :),¬†and a fear rises up and I lose my will to¬†walk up to her .. Hey everyone gets nervous sometimes! Well, I don’t know..¬†it may be normal,¬†who knows.

Everyone has their own type of person they’re physically attracted to. One thing I’ve learned, just from seeing beautiful women with ugly dudes! Is that¬†physical attraction doesn’t¬†have the same meaning¬†to women, as it does to men. It’s not all about physical attraction to women, I feel most women¬†are attracted to men who know and are confident in their¬†own identity. And, there always are exceptions..

CONFIDENCE is the key!!

I don’t want every woman I see and meet. And, I know¬†a lot of beautfiul and unattractive women who aren’t attracted to me.. ūüôā¬† So, what does that mean? It means that everyone has a type of person that they find sexy, interesting, cool, fun, etc..¬† And although I don’t want everyone, I do want someone.

Good relationships are very few in number now-a-days.. Now in my life, I feel that if anyone is looking to engage in relationships with people, whether it be on a level of friendship or intimacy, you have to take off your pride and MAN UP! At least put yourself out there, because if you like them.. then probably tens of other people are waiting in line just for a piece of their attention as well.

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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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