That Special Someone

Anyone who is living in the single life with aspirations of meeting someone special is looking for just that... someone who is special. They don't want just any person off the street holding up a sign saying, "Looking for love". I want someone who gives me butterflies when I see their text messages, and makes me... Continue Reading →

35 and Single

I'm definitely still learning about life every single day. Though I generally know what I want out of life, as I make out my plans every week and update my calendar with tasks, goals, and things I want to achieve, I still struggle with understanding what it all means. From trying to fulfill my desires... Continue Reading →

Understanding –> Compassion –> Getting It

Most people think they know a lot. But, knowing something and understanding it is two different things. What do you really understand? How many people understand how a microwave works, or how an engine works? What about people and intimate relationships ... who has the answers to really understand why half of all marriages end... Continue Reading →

Is She the Right One for Me

Just like a moth is attracted to a flame, I am finding myself always being attracted to women who don't want to be in a relationship. One of the greatest mysteries of relationships to me, is the fact that there are so many attractive, interesting, beautiful people (men & women) who are longing for love... Continue Reading →

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