Is She the Right One for Me

Right One for me2 Just like a moth is attracted to a flame, I am finding myself always being attracted to women who don’t want to be in a relationship.

One of the greatest mysteries of relationships to me, is the fact that there are so many attractive, interesting, beautiful people (men & women) who are longing for love and want to be in a meaningful relationship; yet why is it so hard for them to connect with each other, when they both want the same thing? It seems as if there is always something that is almost like a breach or gap that separates them from connecting with one another.

I see so many beautiful women every day who are single. In my mind I’m like, “What is going on???” So in many cases I just simply ask them, “Are you single because you want to be single? Or why aren’t you dating someone?” The usual response I receive, in most cases when asking women that question is either, “Well, no one has asked me out.”, or “I don’t want to be single, but I’m not looking to be in a relationship right now… I’m just pursuing my career.” But regardless of their response, whether they ARE or ARE NOT happy/content with living the single life, I believe if the right person were to come along… they would be up for a relationship!

Right One for me1In my life, I have had so many beautiful women, inside and out, as friends. Though I see the beauty in all women, I’m not attracted to every beautiful woman who smiles. And, as a younger man, in my 20’s and early 30’s, I just settled for their friendship because I love being around women; when in fact I really wanted something more. But, like John Mayer says, “friends, lovers, or nothing”… I could only settle for their friendship for so long, without being honest and openly express my feelings to them.

Obviously, there are multiple reasons why it is hard to find someone to share love with. For me I find that I’ve just watched too many 80’s love movies, LOL.. I’m just kidding (not really). Nevertheless, as I cross paths with new women or build intimate relationships with existing friends, when attraction enters my heart I always take a step back before I indulge my feelings upon her, because I find that it’s always best to use wisdom and ask myself, “Is She the Right One for Me?”

4 thoughts on “Is She the Right One for Me

  1. Another great article, Jason! I agree that our culture has over-romanticized marriage to the point that people don’t know what they want or need anymore. True friendship with God and with one another is the only thing that will last in the long run. I am all for romance, but when life starts happening, the best place that you can find yourself is married to a person who is committed to God and to your mutual friendship. And when offspring arrive, same thing applies in my opinion. Keep writing!


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