Mature Decisions

Before I start writing, I just wanted to share this to all the consistent readers of my blog... the last few weeks I purposely took a hiatus from writing. Though there were thoughts and feelings on my mind that I wanted to share, I didn't feel free enough to do so, so I just kept... Continue Reading →

Are You “In Love”?

I feel society has glorified the feeling of being "in love". The way society brands being "in love", it makes everyone want it. I know I want it :). Being "in love" is supposed to feel like some type of high or euphoric feeling or something, you know. After seeing the previews for this recent movie... Continue Reading →

Feeling the Birth Pains

Everytime I'm about to enter into a new season of life, there are birth pains. Just as a pregnant woman has contractions (or labor pains) that lets her know that she's about to go into labor. I feel there are certain things that change in people's lives that let them know that they are going... Continue Reading →

Been Single for a While Now

I read a statement earlier this morning one of my friends posted on Instagram that read, "People who have been single for too long, are the hardest to love. They've become so used to being single, independent, and self sufficient, that it takes something extraordinary to convince them that they need you in their life."... Continue Reading →

Know Your Worth

How much are the people in your life worth? I'm not talking about monetary value, as you can't place a dollar amount on a person or their impact in your life. I'm talking about sacrificial value and consideration value. Who in your life is worth the time and effort it takes to simply talk to them.... Continue Reading →

Heart Sick

Life is crazy! We can wash our face, pretend to smile, and put on a show so that everything appears to be fine and dandy. Then we walk by friends who cordially ask "How are you?", and if we feel good enough to answer it's usually with a quick superficial response of, "I'm great! How are you?".... Continue Reading →

A Callous Heart

Yesterday I learned something about myself. I suppose that life has a way of teaching you things, or allowing you to rediscover what you may've already known, especially if you are patient enough to sit back and reflect on life. I learned that my strength doesn't lie in my ability to lift 100 lbs dumbbells,... Continue Reading →

Labeled by Association

Is it true that you associate yourself with who you spend time with and what you do? The answer is yes. Regardless if you believe this or not, it's widely recognized that a person can be generalized as the average of their 5 closest friends. So what does this say?? Well, today it says to... Continue Reading →

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