Masquerading Through Life

I’ve only been to one Masquerade ball in my life. It was a rare and crazy experience, at the least. One night, maybe around 5 years ago, I remember being bored while living in New Orleans. I picked up my camera and went walking around downtown New Orleans in an area adjacent to the French Quarter. As I past an alley I noticed some young adults dressed up walking into the side of a building. They were dressed up very nicely… in suits and ties, gowns, dresses and adornments, hats and masks.

It looked so interesting! I had to walk over and check it out. Though I was dressed in business casual, I knew they wouldn’t let me in… I didn’t have a ticket, nor did I know anyone there. All I had was a camera and a smile 🙂 . So, I began taking pictures of people who were in line to the event… so I could appear to be a paid photographer. I walked up to the door, past those in line, I gave the doorman a head nod and he let me in… and they even gave me a mask! Lol 🙂

When I entered into the building I was amazed! It was a celebrity-hosted masquerade party. These are a few pictures I took at the event. Throughout my life, I’ve never been a huge “partier”. To this day, I have never been drunk. At the time, I probably only experienced maybe one or two parties, clubs, or events similar to it.

I speak of this memory not just to tell a story, but only because it is a picture of how I feel.

I recently saw a friend on social media who posted a picture with her legs wide open. Though she was wearing clothes, it was still a very sexually provocative picture of herself. Because, it’s not how much skin you show that makes an image sexual, but the image you’re trying to send across. I thought it was a great picture. As I’m a photographer, I love imagery. I’m also a man… and I love pictures of beautiful women 🙂 .

Here’s the thing. This is the same woman who promotes celibacy, Christian values in dating, and having standards with men.

Now, she is free to do whatever. But, I would have never thought she would take that type of picture. Just seeing her portray herself like that made me question my relationship with her. Is this woman wearing a mask when she speaks her opinions on dating? Do I even know her? The answer to both questions is… I don’t know.

Here is what I do know… my life (regarding relationships) is like that masquerade party.

I’m walking around alone, beside women who are wearing masks. And, though I didn’t come with a date or enter in with a mask like everyone else, for whatever reason I’m also at this party. So, I need to make the most of it.

If two people want to be in a relationship, they both have walk in agreement. We both have to agree to wear masks or agree not to… if we want it to work. And, I don’t want to wear a mask. There it is. So, either take off your mask or keep moving. I’ll see you when I see you.

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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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