Everytime I’m about to enter into a new season of life, there are birth pains. Just as a pregnant woman has contractions (or labor pains) that lets her know that she’s about to go into labor. I feel there are certain things that change in people’s lives that let them know that they are going into a new season of life.

So, what are these so-called birth pains? I’m glad you asked 🙂 . Ultimately, all I can say is that I feel a shifting of things in my life. For example, like in my friendships – where I may all of a sudden have new friends enter my life or have to deal with friends leaving my life, or in my career/finances – if I get a job or change positions or leave from a job, or maybe I feel a shift in my personal desires – as I may come to an awareness that I want to pursue certain opportunities or something inside me compels me to make a commitment in life that will cause me to make a large sacrifice.

Friendships – A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to a close friend of mine that I felt the nature of my friendships with a few people were changing. I didn’t know how or when, or really why. But I felt something changing. And, without going into detail, considering their hearts as I love all of my friends, I’ll just say God is eliminating the clutter and making room for the right people in my life.

Career/Finances – Earlier this month I started working on a new job, and so far so good. No job is perfect. But, I enjoy what I’m doing and I feel I have a lot to look forward to in the future. Plus I’m still auditioning and submitting for acting roles when I get the opportunity.

Personal Desires – I want a family of my own. It’s time I start preparing for it. Earlier this month, on a piece of paper that I taped to the inside of my front door, I wrote a prayer list of 10 qualities I want in a wife. And, though I can be very forgetful at times, it is my intention to pray over them every day.

If you are in your life and you feel that everything is going wrong, or there are a lot of bad things happening, keep your focus on God. Change can be good. Not everything that you don’t like or think is bad, is actually bad for you. God sometimes closes doors so that He can open other doors for you to walk into.  I wish life was good and comfortable all the time. I wish I could have free room service and live in a perfectly air conditioned society where the sun always shined. That’s too unrealistic to even dream about :).

Your time and my time is very valuable. We only have so much to even spend. And, I will not spend it worrying too much about the past, or dreaming about the future. I’m living in the NOW! I just need to keep pushing, keep grinding, stay focused, and eventually something beautiful is going to emerge, and I’m going to be blessed beyond my imagination… if I can remain patient and keep the faith.

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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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  • Miss Felistas

    March 20, 2016 at 9:39 am

    Ah….birth pains. I can so relate.

    I was having a conversation with one of my big sister’s bestfriends recently (I consider this lady my sister too) and she made me understand that sometimes we hang on to clutter in our lives disguised as so many things i.e., friendships and that as my 1/4 century birthday approached, I had to re-evaluate the people that I had in my life and make the necessary eliminations. This conversation came at the right time as well as I was feeling a shift in some of my relations and after having suffered a few losses in most aspects of my life in the past year, felt it was time to take stock on life and enter a new phase with enough room to welcome whatever it was that God had in store for me.

    Good luck in everything that you go through during your “labour” LOL and remember that some things in our lives are there only for a season, after which, we must move on 🙂


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