The Whole Truth

Tonight I decided to grill a hamburger for dinner. And, yes I know how to cook 🙂 . While eating, I glimpsed a comedy sitcom on television. One of the elements in the story line or plot in the sitcom was a child asking his mother about death... and, where do people go when they... Continue Reading →

Talking or Texting?

I recently did some research on communication. Not that I had to, but just to provide more insight. There are basically three ways people can communicate: verbal, non-verbal (body language), and written communication. So if I want to know what someone is thinking or how they're feeling, I need to use one of these three... Continue Reading →


Why is it so hard for people to say how they feel? Is it ignorance, indifference, or is it because people have suppressed their true feelings so much they just don't want to acknowledge them, or maybe don't know how to deal with them. There are people who can probably talk/text over the phone all... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Eyes of Mine

The other day I was chatting with a friend on the topic of relationships; which is by the way one of my favorite topics â˜ș. She asked me, "Jason, what type of women do you like? Or, what type of women do you find attractive?" First of all, before responding I should've realized it was... Continue Reading →

Make It Last Forever

Recently someone close to me opened their heart on some issues they were having in their marriage. And, honestly after listening to them it made me feel hopeless. And, I'm not someone who accepts that feeling easily, as I always want to see a happy ending to every story. But, I realized that happy endings don't... Continue Reading →

Communication and Attraction

As I'm beginning my preliminary routine before I get in bed, to prepare myself to go to sleep, a thought entered my mind and I ask myself this question which I still have no answer to..., "Why am I still 33 and single?" It's one of those questions that you wish you knew, but then... Continue Reading →

We All Are The Same, Yet I Am Unique

It's been a little over two weeks now since I left Louisiana to pursue a more meaningful purpose-filled fulfilling life in California. As I look back on the journey of my life, including all the experiences and relationships that I can remember from my childhood, to my adolescence, to my years as a naive teenager,... Continue Reading →

My Current Position on Relationships

I recently heard a poem from a bold, beautiful, well-spoken and strong African-American woman on her viewpoint on relationships.  In general, it just made light of the issues that come with intimate relationships and on how wisdom should be used when making decisions in it, for present-day young women. Now the poem was called, "I... Continue Reading →

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