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The other day I was chatting with a friend on the topic of relationships; which is by the way one of my favorite topics ☺. She asked me, “Jason, what type of women do you like? Or, what type of women do you find attractive?” First of all, before responding I should’ve realized it was an open-ended question meant to put me in a box. As I believe there are so many attractive, beautiful, sexy women in this world that come in all shades, sizes, and shapes… and I don’t discriminate against any of them because I honestly feel the right woman can put that whip appeal on me, and after that I’m through :).

But, being who I am, I unknowingly was a little too honest and blunt as I sometimes can be. I said, “Well, I usually date women with athletic body types that aren’t too short, because I don’t like being with women who make me feel too tall.” OK, although what I said was true, as soon as I finished my statement, I realized that all she heard was, “I only date skinny tall girls.” Which is sooo far from the truth!

I’m a pretty outgoing person. I’ll probably go on a date with almost anyone, if I have the time and energy. However, I do have 2 deal-breakers when it comes to establishing relationships with women.  (1) I won’t consider marrying anyone who isn’t a Christian. They don’t have to share my convictions, but they definitely have to share my same faith in God and the Bible. (2) I’ll date a woman with children, but I will not consider marrying a woman who doesn’t want kids. I don’t care who she is or how she looks. It won’t happen.

I definitely find certain female physical characteristics more attractive than others, like any normal person. What turns my head initially when I first see a woman is usually 3 things: her natural style, her genuine smile, and her sex appeal. Then after we speak and get to know each other, who really knows how we will connect? Relationship chemistry is so crazy to me! How many times have you saw a seemingly perfect couple, then find out that they weren’t good for each other at all. In relationships, I value a lot of things such as, her willingness to open up to me and trust me with her heart, her communication skills, intelligence, character, etc… a successful relationship depends on so many little things, like just being able to enjoy being in the presence with one another.

So why is her STYLE important? Now every man is different. I’m someone who likes fashion. Fashion is like body art to a certain extent. I can dress up or dress down, for any occasion. I love to wear suits, and I love to wear t-shirts and blue jeans. I want a woman who has her own natural style, and not a forced style. Someone who isn’t trying to look like someone else, and actually values her appearance in what she wears, whether it’s yoga pants and t-shirt or dress skirt and a blazer. A woman who values how she looks is a woman I want to be with.

So why is a woman’s SMILE important? Being a photographer, I see that a lot of beautiful women don’t like to smile. Some women honestly view smiling as a sense of weakness. I for one love to smile. And I also can be silly, so I definitely need someone with a sense of humor. In relationships, being able to laugh with each other is so necessary. I probably could never be comfortable enough to kiss or date a woman that I couldn’t laugh and joke around with. So a big part of intimacy to me starts with eye contact and a cute smile that validates her interest in me.

Everyone knows why SEX APPEAL is important ☺. You know there are some women who just don’t know how to be sexy. Just as there are men who don’t know how to be romantic. And, who wants to be with someone that doesn’t understand how to be sexy? I know I don’t. Now lustful desires and sex before marriage is not something I recommend for anyone to partake in (because I value my Christian convictions), but every man (and woman) feels those feelings and has to fight off those temptations. Nevertheless, sex appeal to me has little to do with a woman having curves or full lips, or physical attractiveness for that matter, but is more about her being confident in who she is and passionate about the things she does in life.

Everyone likes what they like, bottom line. And, as I always try to look for the best in everyone, to see the beauty that comes in all of God’s creations. I am also waiting to meet my special lady, as I look around the world through these dreaming eyes of mine.

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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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  • Taylor

    August 11, 2015 at 3:39 pm

    Love your authenticity, Jason! People forget or don’t know how simple love is due to the influences and distractions that is portrayed in society. Love is magical, Love is truth, Love is peaceful, and most of Love is undeniable. Keep up the great work Jason


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