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  • Searching for Love…

    Why do we search for love? Is it something that’s already embedded inside us that causes us to long for companionship and love? I think so. It’s a natural feeling. When you feel all alone in the midst of a group of people, when the

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  • Being Single Sucks!

    Presentation is everything. If my world makes something out to be appeasing or good, then naturally I would think that it’s cool. Even Satan, the king of deceivers, made Adam and Eve think that it was cool for them to eat of the fruit of

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  • Learning How to Love

    There is no 30-minute YouTube video that can teach you how to love. Now, I have read the Bible front to back. I have also read other great books like The Seven Levels of Intimacy by Matthew Kelly, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer,

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  • Are We Moving Too Fast?

    I recently starting dating a lady who has captured my heart. She is so very special to my heart, to the point that I even second-guessed writing this blog, feeling that it might place a wrench in our relationship which is currently running so smoothly.

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  • Dating in your Thirties

    As you get older, the harder it becomes to date. The more difficult it is to meet people you’re attracted to, find people you’re compatible with, people who share similar¬†values, and people who simply want to be in a relationship and are willing to give

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  • Dating & Marriage: From My Perspective

    The topic of relationships and finding a special woman is constantly on my mind being an eligible bachelor in my mid 30’s. After talking to one of my friends this afternoon about the¬†type of women I’m interested in, she told me to read a blog

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