Your Way or My Way

This blog is going to touch a few topics about relationships. So put on your booties because we're about to go knee deep into the unseen muddy waters of your heart. In all of us there are things that we've done that we personally vow not to discuss openly. "There is none righteous, no even... Continue Reading →

Are You Feeling the Holiday Season?

Man, I just don't feel the Christmas spirit this year. I don't see many people who have put up Christmas lights or decorations. I know there have to be some people out there who may have snowflakes and mistletoe on their doorsteps, Christmas presents under the tree, family and friends visiting each other while baking... Continue Reading →

That Special Someone

Anyone who is living in the single life with aspirations of meeting someone special is looking for just that... someone who is special. They don't want just any person off the street holding up a sign saying, "Looking for love". I want someone who gives me butterflies when I see their text messages, and makes me... Continue Reading →

The Truth Hurts

The truths of some people's lives have hurt them so bad, to where it's easier for them to believe in a lie. And, they end up living their lives outside of reality, and only give invitations out to a select few for visitation. Because most people cannot handle the truth.Here are some truths that I... Continue Reading →

Meeting People: Friends or Lovers?

Having discernment when creating new relationships can be more of trial and error, than having a rule of thumb. For me, as I become more mature in life, the clearer I understand what it is I'm looking for in a relationship. Every person in your life plays a role (or multiple roles). So when you meet... Continue Reading →

Is She the Right One for Me

Just like a moth is attracted to a flame, I am finding myself always being attracted to women who don't want to be in a relationship. One of the greatest mysteries of relationships to me, is the fact that there are so many attractive, interesting, beautiful people (men & women) who are longing for love... Continue Reading →

10 months in Hollywood

Sitting here at a café; I sit and ponder upon life, specifically my life. I gaze outside of the window and see people walking along the sidewalk, cars driving, and various productions studios where various TV programs are filmed, like Sunset and Gower Studios and Nickelodeon studios. But, all I can think is that, “I’m... Continue Reading →

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