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  • Are We Friends or Lovers?

    I’m getting closer to feel better regarding opening up my heart towards being in a relationship. Earlier today, as I was thinking about being in another relationship, I thought to myself. “Do people my age even use the term girlfriend or boyfriend in today’s society?”

    svg4 min read
  • My Depressing Dating Life

    My dating life sucks right now. It seems as if every woman who I find attractive either lives thousands of miles away, is in a committed relationship, or she is simply not interested in me. It’s even hard to find someone to flirt with! And,

    svg4 min read
  • Family

    Tomorrow morning I will wake up and I will be one day older than I am today. Sometimes I think about what have I learned from past experiences in life. What wisdom have I gained through living my life that I can speak into the

    svg4 min read
  • Are We Moving Too Fast?

    I recently starting dating a lady who has captured my heart. She is so very special to my heart, to the point that I even second-guessed writing this blog, feeling that it might place a wrench in our relationship which is currently running so smoothly.

    svg4 min read
  • Thoughts on Dating

    Everyone has their own thoughts on dating; thoughts on how they view it, or how they define it. Word usage is such a big thing when even talking about dating, because feelings can attach themselves to words. In my first dating relationship, I remember the first time I

    svg6 min read
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