Creating Something Special

One thing I see in a lot of people, including me... is the desire to have something special. Everyone wants something special. Just a few days ago was Black Friday, which is supposedly the day out of the year where people spend the most money. People opened up their wallets to purchase gifts and spent... Continue Reading →

Can You Open Up Just A Little?

Everyone wants to feel safe in a relationship. No one jumps out of an airplane without a parachute. The decision to love and open up your heart can be scary. It's because the world is so critical and judgmental, but that shouldn't mean that you close up and put your heart in solitary confinement. How can... Continue Reading →

Relationships on Layaway

How is it that people feel so comfortable about being in a relationship with someone without committing to them?  It's almost as if they are more infatuated with the feeling of being in a loving relationship, than actually loving the person they're with. Talking with a friend last night it gave me a more translucent picture... Continue Reading →

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