Relationships on Layaway

How is it that people feel so comfortable about being in a relationship with someone without committing to them?  It’s almost as if they are more infatuated with the feeling of being in a loving relationship, than actually loving the person they’re with.

Talking with a friend last night it gave me a more translucent picture of how relationships are viewed by some people.  I for one deeply feel that everyone loves differently and everyone has different interpretations of feeling or giving love.  So, I don’t put my idea/opinion of an intimate relationship and what it means to me upon anyone else, however I do feel that for any successful relationship to occur, good communication and reasonable expectations with one another has to be some of the main ingredients mixed in it.

One thing we talked about was how the attitude about people living together is more acceptable than it has ever been.  Two adults living together, as if they’re married, but haven’t seriously committed to one another; this situation has come to be normal and common among many relationships.  It’s a common thing to see people living together and not married.  And, I think everyone knows of at least one couple who are in that situation, if in fact you aren’t in the situation yourself  🙂 .  It’s like, I don’t look at the people in that situation with judging eyes or a judging heart; and I understand why people feel it’s cool to do.  But, what I didn’t understand until I thought about it last night, was how Christians could do it and not feel some type of conviction about it.

I now think that it’s not the fact that they aren’t convicted about it, it’s more of a misunderstanding about what marriage is all about.  Some Christians may also just be prideful, and because of their inability financially to create their dream wedding experience, would also be in a relationship without making a serious commitment to them.  And, that tells me that people place a higher value on the experience of marriage, than on the commitment to the relationship and do what is right in God’s eyes.

And that common attitude which undermines true loyalty and commitment also plays a role in any type of everyday relationship.  Even the ones where people smile and converse with you on the weekends, but on the weekdays they can walk past you without bearing the resemblance of a cordial smile.  I”m just looking to try and do what I feel is right, and live a life true to my own convictions and not anyone else’s, at this point in my life.  Everything I do, I want to make it count. I can’t live my life without purpose anymore.  I just hope my girl won’t ever make me feel like she has me on a layaway plan :-), where she’ll put a down payment on my heart with her kiss, but is either unwilling or without the resources to completely purchase it with her love.

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