Creating Something Special

One thing I see in a lot of people, including me... is the desire to have something special. Everyone wants something special. Just a few days ago was Black Friday, which is supposedly the day out of the year where people spend the most money. People opened up their wallets to purchase gifts and spent... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow morning I will wake up and I will be one day older than I am today. Sometimes I think about what have I learned from past experiences in life. What wisdom have I gained through living my life that I can speak into the lives of others. Or if I could speak to myself,... Continue Reading →


"Going nowhere fast, we've reached the climax. We're together, now we're undone. Won't commit so we choose to run away... do we separate? Oh, don't wanna give in so we both gave up. Can't take it back, it's too late, we've reached the climax." Those are lyrics from a song Usher co-wrote and performed called "Climax". As I... Continue Reading →

Mature Decisions

Before I start writing, I just wanted to share this to all the consistent readers of my blog... the last few weeks I purposely took a hiatus from writing. Though there were thoughts and feelings on my mind that I wanted to share, I didn't feel free enough to do so, so I just kept... Continue Reading →

Dealing With My Father’s Death

The past 2 and a half weeks have been such a difficult time in my life. As my father recently passed away unexpectedly, it's been difficult dealing with his funeral and all that comes with it, along with overcoming the grief and enduring the pain associated with the recent deaths in my hometown community of... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Eyes of Mine

The other day I was chatting with a friend on the topic of relationships; which is by the way one of my favorite topics ☺. She asked me, "Jason, what type of women do you like? Or, what type of women do you find attractive?" First of all, before responding I should've realized it was... Continue Reading →

35 and Single

I'm definitely still learning about life every single day. Though I generally know what I want out of life, as I make out my plans every week and update my calendar with tasks, goals, and things I want to achieve, I still struggle with understanding what it all means. From trying to fulfill my desires... Continue Reading →

A Callous Heart

Yesterday I learned something about myself. I suppose that life has a way of teaching you things, or allowing you to rediscover what you may've already known, especially if you are patient enough to sit back and reflect on life. I learned that my strength doesn't lie in my ability to lift 100 lbs dumbbells,... Continue Reading →

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