Kim and Kanye… What Happened??

I was scrolling through posts on my Instagram feed… only to see a picture of Kim Kardashian-West praising her for being a good mother & wife. Then I saw a comment that she was divorcing Kanye.

After searching a little bit, I read that Kim filed for a divorce from Kanye. Immediately I was like… “What Happened?” Since I don’t follow reality TV or celebrity news, I didn’t know they were having marital issues or were even getting a divorce. Like weren’t they just working with Pres. Trump on certain social issues. Plus wasn’t it just a little more than a year ago that Kanye went on a country-wide Sunday Service tour and just happened to stop by my church in Baton Rouge.

I for one always loved Kim and Kanye’s marriage. When I see images of them with their 4 children, I smile. No jealousy or envy. It just makes me happy to see a happy family. Or, in their case… what was seemingly a happy family.

In my mind, Kanye and Kim seemed as if they were a happy family. But, oftentimes things are not what they seem to be.

I read in an online article that Kim filed a divorce against Kanye. She stated irreconcilable differences as her reason for their separation. Ok… so what does irreconcilable differences even mean? It obviously doesn’t mean that Kanye cheated on her, or vice versa. That’s called infidelity. It doesn’t mean he was a bad father or that Kanye abused her, as they consistently state their amicability with each other and how they co-parent their children.

Here is what I think it means… I think it means that Kanye wants a wife who can submit to his leadership, and Kim is tired of living in the shadows of the media and wants/needs more attention.

After 7 years of marriage and 4 children… they now have differences and she now files for divorce. After 7 years and 4 kids!!

In my eyes they were a perfect celebrity couple. They had money, fame, beauty, intelligence, and seemed to be morally sensitive to my same faith… they may have even had love. Who really knows? I hate to be negative, but it honestly makes a single man like me question my hope of having success in marriage, “Even if I find and marry the woman of my dreams, will it last? Since you can’t make someone love you, how do you know if a relationship is deemed to fail?

After googling a few articles, I still have yet to read anything that Kanye said publicly about their separation and pending divorce. Though I totally understand why he hasn’t said anything publicly. Who truly wants to say anything about their failed marriage, especially when you’re going through a divorce?

What I want to know is… is this some sort of a publicity stunt? I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter I suppose. And, I’m not judging them at all… hey, my marriage only lasted 3 months.

Everyday is a new day. I now know divorce isn’t the end of their lives (or my life for that matter)… divorce only marks the end of a marriage.

We can’t mix up the meaning of life with the meaning of marriage, as those are two different things. Because I have gone through a divorce, I have a heart for people who’ve gone through it. Going through a divorce can literally make you question if marriage is really worth it… because it’s always a chance that a spouse can file for irreconcilable differences.

I suppose that’s when we have to ignore the possibilities… jump off the cliff of the single life and focus on faith, hope, and love.

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