Short-term versus Long-term

A few days ago I noticed something out of the ordinary. After I dropped my son off to daycare before work, I noticed a young woman also dropping off her child, which is very common at a daycare :). However, she was driving a very nice BMW SUV… yet she appeared to be someone who I would think worked at a fast food restaurant. She didn’t just need makeup, she needed a makeover. You could tell by what she was wearing, and how she was wearing it, that she doesn’t have the style of a woman who earns enough money to afford a luxury vehicle.

I don’t want to seem like I’m judging that woman for not taking care of herself on the one morning I take notice her, but I have to admit it’s not normal for me to see someone driving a $50,000 vehicle who isn’t wearing respectable clothing in public. Plus, as a man of intelligence and life experience, I understand that a lot of people in the black community purchase luxury vehicles… just for appearances. So I know plenty people who have trouble buying groceries, or paying rent, yet still own a luxury vehicle. And, I also know what the wardrobe of someone who can afford a luxury vehicle looks like, no matter their culture.

All to say, in that moment in time she was a representation of the vast amount of people who are trying to buy a false reality.

This is a tragedy.

Why is it that so many people will rather spend money on things that make them feel wealthy, rather than take the necessary steps in order to be wealthy?

Last week I read a Facebook post where a life coach posed a question to single women, “Why do you privately sleep around with men who you openly disrespect?” I would have loved to read the comment section of the FB post, but I was at work 😉 .

It’s obvious that each woman has her own complex reasons of why do they do what they do. In my opinion, outside of commitment issues… a large majority of women don’t always want to be seen with certain men they may privately like. As I have a few female friends who have both private and public relationships.

I’m not bashing single professional women… we all value our appearance and everyone wants what they want, even if it’s momentary intimacy. However, I recognize that not everything I want is good for me. Just like owning a luxury car can cost you thousands of dollars a year in maintenance, insurance, gas (usually all luxury vehicles have bigger engines which only take premium gas, have bigger gas tanks and get fewer miles to the gallon), etc… which is oftentimes more than the average person can afford to spend.

In life, everyone has their own path to travel. It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about wisdom. And, it’s obviously unwise to purchase things you cannot afford, or only have value over the short-term.

Character traits like confidence, integrity, work ethic, self-discipline, excellence, positivity, etc.. these things are valuable and are foundations for success. They can only be developed over time, meaning they require a long-term investment.

What I have inside me is always more valuable than anything someone else can give to me.

Investing in things, which only have value for the short-term, will generally make you unable to obtain things you will ultimately need in the future. I can not afford to live a life where I am always living in the moment because I have goals and responsibilities. This essentially forces me to think long-term… simply for survival.

No matter how you choose to live or whatever road you’re currently traveling in life, use wisdom… I hope you make it to your destination, as we all strive to be better people.

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