2016: Remembering My Life

So.. it's another Friday night. And, here I am alone again, only with my guitar by my side and memories on my mind. I thought about writing poetry. Or maybe delve into my emotions and compose a song. But, I don't feel like being creative. While others are dancing in clubs, drinking in a bar,... Continue Reading →

Feeling the Birth Pains

Everytime I'm about to enter into a new season of life, there are birth pains. Just as a pregnant woman has contractions (or labor pains) that lets her know that she's about to go into labor. I feel there are certain things that change in people's lives that let them know that they are going... Continue Reading →

Where Are You Going?

I was up this morning a little perplexed about where I am going in my life right now. So, I pick up my daily devotional, as I usually do, for some knowledge and inspiration. Opening up the book, I turn to today's life lesson, and guess what it is called... "God Leads, We Follow". Ok,... Continue Reading →

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