The Path to Your Purpose

The power of television and films are huge. They have the power to spark emotions, create ideas, shape thoughts, etc…— good movies also inspire me, and that is one of the reasons I love great movies. Today I was off from work, so I had the chance to rest and watch TV. I am usually too busy to watch TV. My days are generally filled with work, as I am currently acting on a feature film called Magnificent 7. And, if you ever worked in the film industry you understand that it is common to work 12+ hours a day while a production is filming… and for the last month that has been my daily schedule. So I really enjoyed the fact that I had today off.

Due to my additional free time, I had the chance to watch an episode of Fraiser this afternoon, which is one of my favorite TV shows. I love a lot of things about the show; the close interaction between Fraiser and his brother is similar to my relationship with my brother, and most of all I love how every episode of Fraiser has an underlying meaning. Though the episode was funny and entertaining, by watching it I learned a life truth as well—women don’t always have your best interests in mind, and people will use you if you allow them to.

I just finished watching an amazing movie I rented tonight called Interstellar! I will attempt to give a brief description and storyline. “The world is slowly dying. A man with a family decides to take a mission into outer-space searching for hope and life on other planets. He leaves his family in order to take the mission, and his journey takes some twists and turns.” Though there is so much to the movie, ultimately what I learned the most from it is that—there are so many unknowns in life. I need to learn how to allow God to control my destiny. I need to have faith and confidence in everything I do. And, just do my best in what I can control in life.

What is the path to your purpose? What do you feel you need to do, or not do, that will help you on your journey to fulfill your destiny/purpose? Do you need more patience in life, like me? Everyone should know that patience is a virtue, and even though we live in a fast food society, everyone needs to understand that great things take time to develop. When it comes to finding the right job, or love and marriage, I am not patient at all. I feel like time is of the essence. I’m 35 with no kids and still single… something needs to happen 🙂 ! But, maybe my soul mate is just right around the corner, or maybe I’ve known her for years, maybe my expectations are too high, or maybe I just simply need to have more faith that God knows my heart and has it under control. Trusting that He will make the right relationship happen at the right time.

Watching Interstellar inspired me tonight–and inspiration is something I need daily. The movie really touched my spirit. Just like in the movie the main character had to have faith, courage, and be persistent to create solutions to problems that seem overwhelming… I need to do that as well. And as I mature, I see that there are so many things in life that are out of my control, but there are a lot of things that I can control. The more that I understand that fact in itself, and learn to recognize what I can and cannot control… the closer I get in my pursuit of happiness and living out each day with purpose.

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  • Colleen

    July 6, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    That’s just the thing, God already knows your heart and what you want in a partner. We have unfortunately been brainwashed into thinking that God is only interested in our needs not our wants but that’s a lie, He is as interested in our heart’s desires as He is in what we need in life because He is a loving Father. No good thing shall He withhold from us, be encouraged! 🙂

  • cicorm

    September 25, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    Great Question: What is our Purpose? 🙂

    • jason

      September 25, 2015 at 9:08 pm

      I think everyone has a specific unique purpose that only they can know, and changes with time.
      Well after watching CNN cover the Pope Francis the last few days, I really think our overall common purpose is to love others and respect life.

      • cicorm

        September 25, 2015 at 9:16 pm

        That is what I like about Pope Francis. He actually reaches out to world leaders and communities to preach peace and love. Should our purpose be defined with more permanence, perhaps our happiness will too? Maybe? 🙂

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