There are so many great people out there! If you haven’t met one of them, it’s probably because you need to get out more and seek out positive people.. especially if they aren’t seeking after you. There is such a great energy that is felt when interacting with inspiring people.

Just the other day, I was touched by a woman’s inner beauty as I was going through a check-out line at a nearby grocery store. At the time I was having a bad day, but as she spoke to me, my spirit was encouraged and I even managed to contort my face into a smile 🙂 as we talked.. but, with much difficulty. LOL. She couldn’t have known how much her words meant to me.

Recently, I tried to pay forward that act of kindness, one night in New Orleans while stopping to pick up some fast food (I rarely eat fast food BTW). I noticed this girl sitting in the parking lot smoking a cigarette. She had a swagger of a 27 year old, but was probably only 20. I assume she was outside taking a break, because she was still wearing her McDonald’s uniform.

Anyway, in that moment I felt inspired to speak to her, so I let down my window and told her how beautiful she was, just to make her smile. Yet, in the moment, looking at how she was reacting to my words, I believe that she was finding it hard to even accept my flattery.. but as I smiled at her, looking her in her eyes, I began to speak words of life to her; I complimented her, though I knew she was feeling unattractive in her uniform, I still spoke encouraging positive caring words. And hopefully, I wasn’t just another customer to her, but maybe a glimmer of light that caused her to feel good about herself, in a positive way.. even if was just for a couple of minutes.

Life only gives you once chance to live it. We only have one life to live, and then it’s gone.

There are men out there who live their whole lives not knowing how to be a leader, or find themselves addicted to some drug and wasting their lives… Just as well, there are a lot of women who don’t know how to attract the right men, or who have spent their youth trying to raise a child they didn’t plan on having.. living a life of regret.

When you’re young, everyone makes bad decisions that they regret.. but, you’re supposed to learn from those decisions and move on. I’ve made many poor decisions that I regret. And, I know I’ll make more of them in the future.. life is all about living and learning. You can’t be afraid that you might make a bad decision, because then you might put yourself in a position where you’ll prevent yourself from learning.. A lot of great things have happened by mistake.

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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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