Help Me to Help You

For the last few weeks I’ve been reading John Maxwell’s daily devotional book on leadership every morning. And over the last few days, I have recognized that finding success in an area, is not necessarily as simple as some may think it is. Having the right resources financially is always good, and the ability to make wise decisions at the right time can make or break someone. Nevertheless, what I have experienced, learned, and see to be very important in finding and sustaining success… is when someone really understands the leadership principle of knowing how to empower people. As I … Continue reading Help Me to Help You

One Life to Live

There are so many great people out there! If you haven’t met one of them, it’s probably because you need to get out more and seek out positive people.. especially if they aren’t seeking after you. There is such a great energy that is felt when interacting with inspiring people. Just the other day, I was touched by a woman’s inner beauty as I was going through a check-out line at a nearby grocery store. At the time I was having a bad day, but as she spoke to me, my spirit was encouraged and I even managed to contort my face … Continue reading One Life to Live