Understanding –> Compassion –> Getting It

Most people think they know a lot. But, knowing something and understanding it is two different things. What do you really understand? How many people understand how a microwave works, or how an engine works? What about people and intimate relationships ... who has the answers to really understand why half of all marriages end... Continue Reading →

One Life to Live

There are so many great people out there! If you haven't met one of them, it's probably because you need to get out more and seek out positive people.. especially if they aren't seeking after you. There is such a great energy that is felt when interacting with inspiring people. Just the other day, I was touched... Continue Reading →

Are You Selfish?

The word selfish, is usually spoken with a negative connotation. So, generally no positive person would ever refer to themselves as being selfish. Like, who jumps up and says, "I want to hang out with some selfish people today!" Yet, it's clear that we all have some aspects of selfishness rooted in the nature of... Continue Reading →

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