The Truth Hurts

The truths of some people's lives have hurt them so bad, to where it's easier for them to believe in a lie. And, they end up living their lives outside of reality, and only give invitations out to a select few for visitation. Because most people cannot handle the truth.Here are some truths that I... Continue Reading →

Positivity versus Reality

I found myself feeling annoyed as I was talking with a friend the other day. Though my friend is cool and positive, just like me; as we talked, I felt myself beginning to feel as if my friend's lifestyle wasn't real to me. And, I honestly don't really know how to put it... maybe my... Continue Reading →

Christians: REAL TALK

I've been thinking about LIFE and how so many people have a different perspective on how to live it... now, that may not seem like that means anything, but I promise you that most people wake up every morning and go about their day without giving ample thought or consideration to the things which are... Continue Reading →

Can You Handle The Truth?

What do you want to hear? Ever since I watched a movie called A Few Good Men, I will never forget the line between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson where a lawyer is examining a witness and strongly demands truth... as the lawyer says, "I want the truth!", the witness replies with this, "You can't... Continue Reading →

Love Is More Than Words..

The two greatest commandments... what are they? If you have studied the Bible you probably know the answer to this question by heart. In the Bible, Matt. 27:37-40 is where a couple of verses basically states, the greatest commandment is to love God with all of you and in everything you do, and the second... Continue Reading →

Are You Selfish?

The word selfish, is usually spoken with a negative connotation. So, generally no positive person would ever refer to themselves as being selfish. Like, who jumps up and says, "I want to hang out with some selfish people today!" Yet, it's clear that we all have some aspects of selfishness rooted in the nature of... Continue Reading →

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