The Cost of Success

Everything worth having comes at a price. There are some who only see value in $ dollar amounts, but everything has value. Your time, your attention, your effort, your ideas, your abilities, your talents, or a compliment you give to someone… all these things have value. Even your presence is valuable. People will pay you just to sit in a seat and do nothing. I feel that my time is the most valuable thing to me. It’s said that about 300 people move to Los Angeles every day, and in spending the last 2 years living in Hollywood and downtown … Continue reading The Cost of Success

Hopes & Dreams

What are the things that you want in life? Everyone wants something… So, do you even know what you want out of life, or do you feel indifferent to what life has to offer you, choosing not to place the thought or energy it takes in order to find out how to make your hopes and dreams into a reality? Because we all have dreams of what we want to accomplish or ideas of what we want our life to be like; it’s just that some people live their life in a proactive way in order to make their dreams … Continue reading Hopes & Dreams