Who really wants the truth? I’ll never forget the scene in the movie A Few Good Men, where Jack Nicholson’s character was asked about giving the truth, and he replied the famous phrase, “You can’t handle the truth!”

There are a lot of people who spend each day in the comfort zones of a shallow existence, they call life. I can’t do that. I choose not to spend any time with people who don’t want to be challenged. A person I recently met told me there are 3 types of people, and each type give priority to different thoughts.

1. Gossipers – those who a lot of time talking/thinking about people they don’t know.

2. Socializers – those who have interest in what affects them socially, culturally, and politically.

3. Philosophers – those who think about existence, or intangible truths (like thinking about why grass is green)

The truth is… I understand that everyone is different, but I’m not going to surround myself around small-minded negative people who view life from a perspective much different than mine.

In life one of my dreams is to be successful. But the truth is… though I try to work hard in everything I do, I’m not going to be successful in accomplishing all that I want to do. Though I wanted to be happily married with children at this time in my life, the truth is… I have no idea when I will find a woman who will embark on the journey of marriage with me. Though I have a lot of people who I know, and I call “friend”, the truth is… I spend the majority of everyday of my life alone. And, there are few people who I feel are worth talking to, even less who would take the time to answer the phone if I did call, and even less who care about how I feel once I talk to them. The truth is… if I needed something, or if something great happened in my life and I just wanted to share it with someone, the only person I think of calling is my brother.

I often think about how my life will look 20 years from now. The truth is… who knows? Who knows if my body can handle the prescription medication I take everyday? Who knows if I will be successful, or if I will die in a plane crash… I can answer that. No one knows.

The truth is… we can’t worry about the things we can’t control. And, I only have one life to live, so it would be ignorant to waste it stressing myself out. I think that wisdom tells me to enjoy it as much as possible. The good times and the bad. I need to think on good things.

You know the blunt truth is not always what I want to hear. But, I prefer it over false truths or white lies on any day. Life is about living and learning, and I’m learning how to live it better every single day.

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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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