Sleepless Nights

Yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night after having a crazy dream. I believe my spirit was a little moved because of an intimate conversation I had with a friend before I went to bed. Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know.

Nevertheless, there I was, in my bed wide awake in almost complete darkness at 4 am. I felt a slight bit agitated as I’ve been tossing and turning, trying to fall back asleep for the last half an hour.

The Crazy Dream

I don’t remember the entire dream in its fullness from beginning to end… but I do remember how it ended.

In the dream, I remember driving a pickup truck on an interstate around a mountain range, like in Colorado (or somewhere with steep mountains). There were a few people riding with me at the time (I don’t remember who they were). We didn’t have any conversations in the dream. I just remember being focused on getting to my destination, as if we were on a long roadtrip.

As I was driving, the weather conditions began to worsen. I remember seeing snow falling all around. I was in a truck so I didn’t mind. I kept going. However, I did notice that fewer vehicles were on the interstate, as some pulled over or slowed down.

Suddenly… the road changes! Initially I was driving on pavement like any other interstate. Now, it seemed like I the interstate stopped and I literally began driving on a road up the side of a mountain.

What I notice the most, is that I didn’t panic. I cautiously looked for an exit, but I couldn’t find one, so I kept going.

The farther I go, the more the steeper the incline of the road, the higher the altitude… and I am very scared of heights (just fyi, I don’t ride roller coasters because of my fear of heights). Plus, I’m getting really scared because the road conditions are worsening. I realize that I’m literally driving on snow, ice and rock.

I immediately start looking for an exit or place to turn around. Suddenly, I start losing control of my vehicle! Even though I don’t actually crash into anything… somehow the vehicle begins to spin around which caused everyone inside to be forcefully thrown out of the pickup truck.

Throughout all of this, somehow I don’t lose consciousness. Everything was happening in slow motion. As all of this was happening, I still saw some vehicles continuing to fight their way up the mountainside on the road… plus I could see everyone who was riding with me being tossed out of the vehicle onto the steep mountainside. Literally fearing for their lives.

After being thrown from my vehicle, I manage to barely hang on to a cliff not too far from my pickup truck. Which I can see is now falling down the mountain because of gravity. I’m trembling and shaking with fear; trying my best to sustain my grip and footing and not fall to my death.

As my pickup truck eventually slides down the mountainside, I now notice some of the passengers riding with me have survived and are making their way down the mountainside.

Frightened, freezing cold, and traumatized… for some reason I’m unable to speak or yell for help. All I can do is hold on for dear life.

What Did the Dream Mean?

I honestly don’t know what the dream meant. However, if I were to interpret the dream… I think it means that I should not continue pursuing aspirations that God hasn’t prepared for me. And, if I continue pursing things that haven’t been prepared for me, I may end up hurting myself and the people I love.

It’s not always wise to pursue things outside of your purpose. Not every decsion made with good intentions are actually good decisions.

I know sometimes I am hard-headed and I want what I want. I do need to be more patient and enjoy what life has to offer. Simply put, I just need to live life with purpose and wisdom.

Not every mountain needs to be climbed.

Life is like working out in a gym. You need to be prepared before you start.

Some people walk into a gym and think they are making good healthy decisions by lifting weights and exercising. But… if they aren’t eating right and stretching, they could do their body more harm just by working out with good intention along with a little ignorance.

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