It is safe to say that within every person, family, nation, and culture, there are lies, hidden secrets, basically truths that make for uncomfortable discussions. This is true for myself, my family, and also the country I live in.

One of the toughest things for me to be openly honest about are things I am very ashamed of and wish I never would’ve done. I feel like everyone has things in their life that they wish never happened, and don’t like discussing, for fear that they will be judged, looked down upon, condemned, or misunderstood.

Today is Mother’s Day, and I feel like even my mom has things that are taboo when discussing. Some things I just don’t talk about. I believe this is true for every family. Every family has something that they are ashamed of and don’t want to talk about it, whether it’s a family member who can’t get their life on the right track, or a son who does drugs or steals, or an unmarried daughter with multiple children, a divorce, an adoption, or maybe a homosexual family member. Every family has something.

Our nation is a great nation. I truly believe that the United States of America is one of greatest nations that has been established on this earth since the beginning of time. Not that we are so much better than other countries in every facet, or that America is perfect. I believe America is blessed because of God, and how our country honors God.

However, because I am a minority (African-American) it is easy for me to see how the country I love, America, has partiality in how they treat their citizens. I can see how laws were written to benefit certain people, while used to hurt others. It is clear to see that throughout American history people in power have used religion, used fear tactics, used the government, and whatever means necessary in an attempt to hurt, oppress, and take away opportunities from minorities.

I watched a show tonight on CNN called the United Shades of America. It was more like a documentary honestly… it was about the current plight of American Indians, Native Americans, or their most politically correct name – Indigenous people of the Americas. Watching it made me see the vast amount of seemingly unforgivable sins our country has committed. It almost made me sick to my stomach.

Everyone should know how European settlers came to what is now America and made it their own. But, what many people don’t know is how it was done, broken promises, the rape, murder, and basically the extinction of a whole culture of people. I could sit up and write more on how I feel, but I really want to point out two things that I received a revelation upon while watching the show.

  1. How many Christian churches in the U.S. actually have a heart for Native Americans? – I love how the Bible teaches us to “Love our neighbors as ourselves”. I see pastors, evangelists, and people on TBN constantly asking people to donate to missionary work in Africa. And, don’t get me wrong… I know there is much need in Africa. But, there is also a great need to help people in America. It’s like some people will fly to ends of the earth to help people in need, but won’t drive down the road to extend a helping hand to those closest to them.
  2. I can’t help everyone if I can’t help myself. – I am a person who is very empathetic. I can empathize with people and sometimes I am moved to help them. Whether it’s helping someone change a flat tire on the road or talking to a kid who doesn’t have a father. But, some situations are beyond my control… like racism. I wish I had the power to end it… right here, right now. But, I don’t have that power. My power lies in how I live my life, who I can influence, my vote, my relationships, what I invest my money in, my family legacy and in my prayer life.

The biggest fight that I battle with is my fight to maintain the hope for a better world. And, that I can and will find love in this world I live in. #KeepHopeAlive

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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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