United We Stand, Divided We Fall

This morning while resting in my bed, and writing a paper on the external business environment of a company, I also scanned Facebook to find a recent story on the Huffington Post that fascinated me. News media and many within the LGBT community are teaming up against Kim Burrell by calling her “homophobic”, because someone posted a short clip of a sermon she preached at her church where she basically shared the Biblical sentiments that homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle.

So… you might ask, “What’s wrong with that?” If the Bible says that those who practice homosexuality will not inherit the kingdom of God, and many people believe the Bible, why is there a public outcry about it? Well, the simple truth is that people believe what they want to believe. The LGBT community doesn’t mind Christians, but they can’t stand people who use the Bible to preach against their lifestyle… like most people.

Now, I didn’t intend on writing a blog today, but I feel so compelled to share my thoughts and feelings right now. There are 2 things that has my blood boiling right now.

  1. The lack of community within the Church — there is a huge Christian presence in the entertainment industry, but instead of being an army of believers, we are a divided people of denominational faiths.
  2. Lack of honesty within the Church, along with accountability — many pastors focus their messages on prosperity instead of integrity. When they and worship leaders are out living adulterous and homosexual lifestyles, with no one to hold them accountable. Hey no one is perfect, including me, but at least be honest and repent.

“United we stand, but divided we fall.” This is a true phrase that spans nations, languages, and cultures. I woke up and read some Bible verses outside of my normal readings. In 1 Kings chapter 12, I read how Israel was divided because of various issues and confusion in leadership. I feel just like Israel is divided, our Christian church can often seem so divided. It’s like sometimes we as Christians don’t even stand up for each other because of confusion, or we go to different churches, or we’re different colors.

All to say, I stand united with Kim Burrell. I support her as she teaches her church what the Bible says about Holy living, instead of being politically correct with them. And, I believe God will use this situation to give her a platform to boost her career and help bring peace between the LGBT community and Christians. I believe God blesses those who stand up for what’s right.

I know many people may not share my same feelings, and that’s OK. Because we all have different perspectives. If anyone knows me, they know I’m about love, not hate. And, I don’t accept it from my friends nor from anyone I’m associated with.

4 thoughts on “United We Stand, Divided We Fall

    1. Well… I know I’m not perfect, but I want to go to heaven. And I will try my best to live my short life in a manner that gets me there. Do you want to go?


      1. Absolutely. However, I don’t believe that out of 10,000 religions, Christianity is the only stairway.
        I fear God, not a religion. If there were only one true religion, the great God in which I believe, would have let us know. I mean he created this galaxy, I’m sure he could have written “Christianity” on the side of Mars to let us know (or something like that) 😉

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      2. I don’t attempt to develop conclusions about who God is or what God should do outside the Bible. I think that if I could rationalize why God made everything the way it is, then I would be like God.
        I’ve studied Theology and I know I don’t know everything. I always tell people, do what works for you, and put your faith in that. I put my faith in the Biblical teachings.

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