Practical & Spiritual

I find that so many people are confused when it comes to how they should apply wisdom in their lives. Life can present you with so many variations of life situations to where it can be difficult to ascertain how to use wisdom in decision-making. To me there are two types of wisdom: Practical wisdom & Spiritual wisdom. I... Continue Reading →

Mature Decisions

Before I start writing, I just wanted to share this to all the consistent readers of my blog... the last few weeks I purposely took a hiatus from writing. Though there were thoughts and feelings on my mind that I wanted to share, I didn't feel free enough to do so, so I just kept... Continue Reading →

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

This morning while resting in my bed, and writing a paper on the external business environment of a company, I also scanned Facebook to find a recent story on the Huffington Post that fascinated me. News media and many within the LGBT community are teaming up against Kim Burrell by calling her "homophobic", because someone... Continue Reading →

Battling Your Own Desires

Every single day I face some type of battle. Obviously I have to deal with the struggles of being a black man in the south, or working with people who disrespect me routinely. But, right now I want to focus on internal battles and not external. Paul said in Romans, "For what I am doing,... Continue Reading →

Where Are You Going?

I was up this morning a little perplexed about where I am going in my life right now. So, I pick up my daily devotional, as I usually do, for some knowledge and inspiration. Opening up the book, I turn to today's life lesson, and guess what it is called... "God Leads, We Follow". Ok,... Continue Reading →


I recently made a decision to write a blog about sex. It's not because I long to converse and discuss my sex life or lack thereof. Plus I really desire to practice celibacy until marriage, as I feel that is something that would be pleasing to God and my future wife. Writing this blog has been... Continue Reading →


Is it not the simple things that matter the most. The sight of a baby smiling... the comforting feeling which comes from being around an old friend... the feeling felt from the slightest touch or tender embrace of someone you love.. listening to a beautiful song... or when you receive an unexpected gift. When experiencing... Continue Reading →

A Child Who Gave

The Bible says that Jesus came to serve, not to be served (1). He gave His life, which is the ultimate sacrifice. A person can give a million dollars to a non-profit organization that funds orphanages so to help teach, feed and clothe orphans; and even though his gift is greatly needed and very noble,... Continue Reading →


Do you love yourself? No, really do you? This is a serious question that requires a thoughtful response; because just as it requires a lot of thought before you would tell anyone that you love them, you don't want to tell yourself "I love you" without taking the time to clearly recognize your truest feelings. First... Continue Reading →

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