Staying Present, But Looking Forward

It’s common for most people to say, “How are you doing?”, either as a greeting or to open the door for conversation. This question is meant to be answered in the present-tense. Since when you are with someone it’s always good to be in the moment or present with them mentally. Meaning you’re not giving attention to or thinking too far ahead, or dwelling on the past.

Lately my mind has been racing with things I need to accomplish, people who I need to connect with, assignments I need to complete, articles I need to read, jobs I need to apply for, etc. And, in the process I spend a lot of time planning for the future and analyzing the past. Which causes me to sometimes give less attention to my present feelings…

People who are in tune with their life, and live in the present can easily answer these questions: What do I want to do right now? Where do I want to be right now? Sometimes it can be hard for me to know what exactly I want to do right now, if I have no obligations. But, it’s easy for me to make plans and organize my daily schedule for the week.

I feel it’s always important to stop and self-reflect. To ask yourself questions like: Where do I want to be in the next 5 years, and what do I have to do in order to get there? What is hindering me from accomplishing my dreams? These types of questions probe into your heart, challenging you to think and plan out the path for your journey in life.

Life’s a balancing act. Knowing how to prioritize your time, how to manage your health, what to invest your money in, who you should choose to love or spend time with… all these things can be hard decisions. And, sometimes there is no right or wrong choice, it’s just your decision. So choose wisely. Life is short, so stay present… but it’s also a long journey, so always look forward.

3 thoughts on “Staying Present, But Looking Forward

  1. This is an awesome post, reminds me of myself, as I am very reflective and analytical which can be a recipe for OCD disaster. I am very much a planner and organizer, mover and shaker, always on a quest to a better quality of life, which in turn propels me forward. Also, I find that meditation helps to keep me in balance and reduces my anxiety. If only I could be in total control of my life! I guess I’ll leave that up to God.


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