It’s January 2014, and I honestly have to say that this year doesn’t feel like last year nor the year before. I was speaking with a friend tonight and she echoed my sentiment that this year has a feeling of great expectations or accomplishments. It’s like this year will be blessed, as if the stars are aligning and hard work is yielding it’s rewards in this year. However, it is only a few days into the year and I’m just getting over some major issues that have been affecting me in my personal relationship with my girlfriend, I just was released from a temporary job that I had been working at for the last 3 months, and tomorrow I’m going on a job interview.

Though I have a lot on my mind, and I have many words to write down, I will let this blog be cut short. I feel as if there is something more important that I should be doing, like reading my Bible before I go to bed and getting some rest for tomorrow morning.

I will leave this blog with this thought… What do you want this year to mean to you? What are you sacrificing so that you can accomplish what you are working to achieve this year? I know what I want this year to be for me. I want this year to be the beginning of a life of financial stability with a career that I love to do, and I want to find my wife wherever she may be hiding.

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