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love jonesOk… are you ready for a little openness, a little honesty, some candid thoughts and feelings, and a lot of REAL Talk. Because I know I’m ready for anything that’s real. I’m so tired of fake people and meaningless actions. Life is serious, so I feel we should treat it that way.

2013 for me was about coming into myself, going through matters of unexpected issues, trusting in God, and it was also a year of relationships ending, beginning, and ending again. In the middle of the year I faced a very serious situation with my best friend at the time; though our friendship meant a lot to me, in one week’s time the words which were spoken to me caused the annulment of our relationship.

At the time we did almost everything together, as we were working with each other in a mission to create something musically tangible, and find success out here in Los Angeles, California, almost two thousand miles away from the place we both knew as home. And, as I look back at that serious situation, I see that my life could have easily went in a number of different directions. But, it is true in life that as one thing exits your life, in the same moment it also creates an open door for something else to enter.

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In the later months of 2013 I began dating a woman who I was so in love with. Though she wasn’t perfect, I believed her to be God’s gift to me. In the beginning our relationship was so beautiful… I felt she loved me for who I was, and not for who I was or who I was going to be. I even still remember people commenting on how beautiful we were together. Yet as time passed, the infatuation came to an end and our hearts grew apart; and through much deep thought and encouraging words from friends, I realized she wasn’t my wife and our relationship was ultimately not worth fighting for. By the end of the year, what was once a relationship of shared love was now turned into one of disdain, evasion, and indifference.

It’s now in 2014, so what should I expect from my relationships this year. Last year two of the closest people to me at the time exited my life. I feel this is the year someone will enter in my life for forever. Earlier tonight I was just talking with a good friend about the meaning of intimate relationships and how hard it is to find someone in Los Angeles. She told me something that was so true. She said that marriage is like a business…looking for someone to love, is like looking for a business partner to work with and make a career with… and commitment is like signing a contractual agreement. I want to be with someone who wants the best for the both of us, and we are willing to sacrifice and work together to build our lives.

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