Love At First Sight

Do you believe in Love At First Sight?

For some this may be an easy question. I feel only people who have been really heartbroken or those who have been lucky to find their soul mate at a young age are able to pop out a quick response. I recently asked myself this question, because of my feelings for someone I recently met a few weeks ago. And honestly for the past 8 days, she has been constantly on my mind.

So, I began to think to myself, pondering through my mental catalog of feelings and past relationship experiences. Then I came to a point where I had to stop, and ask myself another question, “What is Love At First Sight to me?” Because I felt I needed to have a clear idea of what it actually meant to me. Here is what I came up with…

1. At first sight, I have to notice something interesting about her, and be attracted to her mind and body… 2. Our first conversation would have to leave me desiring to be around her more.

In my life, I can remember a few times where I saw a woman and my attraction to her was so great, that regardless of where I was or what I was doing, I quickly placed aside everything, including all my insecurities, and I was compelled to at least speak to her. And, in most of those cases, I would say that I was “Infatuated with them at first sight“.

However, to me love is different than infatuation. Real love is built, not momentarily experienced or felt. I don’t really know if I could ever experience the feeling that would cause me to feel what most regard to be “Love At First Sight“…… Although, this woman who has recently captured my attention in a way I’m afraid to say, could change my mind… because right now I’m like an explorer with a compass, traveling through my feelings of love, as if I were in an unfamiliar territory.

7 thoughts on “Love At First Sight

  1. Very nicely written, and with wisdom. Anyone can see someone who is attractive, or perhaps be drawn to someone by their scent (pheromones). Falling in love with someone because of what they have to say or due to their actions takes time, discernment, and again, wisdom. Once in love, the key is to remain there……..which is a choice.


    1. Thanks! I so agree with you. 🙂 I love your last statement.. “Once in love, the key is to remain there… which is a choice.” So true


      1. I fell in love once with someone I couldn’t see or smell (via the internet). it’s lasted me a long, long time. I’m very lucky. Namaste.


  2. Love at first sight, absolutely, totally, the most perfect thing. When you have that, you should never, ever mess it up.
    Jane x


    1. Thanks @ckd!
      it’s just that honestly i want to feel love… my love language is quality time and physical touch, so in essence for me, until someone gives me that, i don’t feel love


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