This Year’s Holiday Season

Oh, the weather outside is… so not frightful, just as this holiday season hasn’t been so delightful. ūüôā

It is 4 days until Christmas, and I feel if the worries of life, the exhaustion of work, the dissention within family members, along with the maturity which comes with being a single male in my early 30’s, and all the other intangibles that aren’t helping to¬†make¬†this holiday season,¬†up until this point,¬†a one in which I feel is centered on the essence of what Christmas means to me.

So, I step back.¬† I ask myself, “What does Christmas really mean to me?”¬† Does it mean glitter around a tree,¬†or does it mean¬†gifts and presents (I won’t be getting many of those this year), Christmas songs, or just something else that has some association with Christmas?¬† I will say that Christmas means… to me, the time of the year¬†when I have the chance to spend an extended amount of quality time¬†with my whole family, and I along with¬†my family¬†acknowledge¬†our¬†gratefulness for God’s blessings.¬† Yeah, that’s what it means to me.¬† And, without family, I guess Christmas would just be another day that I didn’t have to work on.¬†

Though¬†even this past¬†Thanksgiving, within the holiday season, didn’t fully embody my full expectations of a great¬†holiday experience; I know that I will always try and create that spirit of love, energy, kinship, and hopeful expectations no matter my life circumstances.¬† And, regardless of how all the reasons for¬†not fully feeling the holiday spirit this year,¬†factor in the equation of¬†how I actually feel…¬†What really matters is… I’m just not feeling¬†this Christmas.¬† I think I need a vacation¬† ūüôā .


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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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