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I just read a post by a Facebook friend about their prayers and their desire to be married.  Reading it, I felt the urge inside to unleash some wisdom on a comment to the post, but I decided not to.  My decision not to do so was not because I felt what I was going to write wouldn’t be taken well, but I just felt like it would be ignorant to write something meaningful and beneficial to this person specifically, on a social network like Facebook.

One of my mentors once told me, he said, “Jason.  You need to write down a list of all the things/qualities you want in a wife, and pray to God about your desires for a wife with those qualities.”  I did do that, and after a few months, I started to change my prayers and not just pray for the qualities I wanted in my wife, but also the qualities I wanted in myself.

Not that I’m some type of an expert on relationships, or a guru on meeting the right person.  But, I do understand that many of the times in my life when I used to feel that God placed me in this world of loneliness; feeling like my atmosphere was void and empty of any female companionship.  It wasn’t that way at all, and those feelings were felt not because there weren’t any available women around me… I felt those feelings because I just didn’t want any of the available women around me.

I have learned that one has to humble oneself and have a free/open mindset to obtain the things in which they seek.  It’s like this.. don’t continually search through your refrigerator for food when there’s nothing there to eat.  If nothing’s there, then what do you do?  You have to go out and get something to eat. 🙂  It’s the same way with relationships.  If no one is around you, then maybe you need to start going places you’ve never been before, open your heart to start relationships with people you’ve never met.  Life is all about relationships and energy, and gaining new relationships really does bring a newness to life.

I feel that if I am confident in myself, knowing who I am and where I find fulfillment.  Over time I have seen my expectations and wants pass through changes as I mature, nevertheless my desires has always remain the same.  I have always wanted a loving family, to experience a love that’s free, romantic, intimate… and everything else.  Looking at the boundaries I have in my heart, and what I’m willing to do for love… I know I’m not at the point in my life to where I will feel comfortable moving anywhere in the country for love, if by chance I found someone I would want to spend the rest of my life with that lived out of my “driving range”.  I know that is one thing I’m still unsure about within myself, which is my willingness to relocate for love.  So, I don’t expect to have a great relationship with anyone who plans their life living somewhere out of state.  I know my own limitations, and I constantly ask myself questions that help me to know who I really am.

I’m looking for someone who’s looking for me, so I can’t just sit in my room hoping someone will pass by and knock on my door!  I gotta be on the prowl, like a hungry polar bear that’s searching the arctic for food to survive.  God has already promised her to me, I just have to place some things aside and go and find her.  She’s out there, I know it.  All faith requires action.  And, I believe their is someone for everyone, if God is in their lives and they are willing to have an selfless mindset and just commit.

What are you willing to do for love?  What would you give up for love?  Would you give up your job for love? Would you date outside your race for love?  Would you lose weight for love?

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I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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