Live life like there will be a tomorrow

How many times have you wanted, or maybe you were coerced by your friends, to go ‘party’ or do drugs so you could celebrate life like there was no tomorrow!  It is the feeling that speaks inside of you to go ‘all out’ right now, or that yearns to make life exciting, creating special moments hoping they will go on forever.  I see that type of attitude in the hearts and actions of a lot young people.  I feel the idea, “to live life like there’s no tomorrow”, is a futile and unwise one, because it ignores the fact that times change, seasons change, and life goes on; seeing that every moment has value.  And, that one moment of happiness or celebration, will only be remembered by maybe some pictures at best.

We should all take advantage to enjoy and celebrate the good times when we can, yet while doing so it is wise to recognize that it is only for a moment, and it will pass.  It doesn’t matter if you feel like nothing’s going your way, or if you feel that life couldn’t possibly get any better; everyone should take a step back and take the energy to evaluate your current situation, which regards to their future.  Because making good decisions in life is very important, and learning from your decisions is even more important.  The person with an attitude that believes that life is all about living for enjoyment day-to-day, doesn’t foresee their life past the present, and takes no responsibility for the necessities which will be needed in the time to come.  These are the words of a man who doesn’t gamble, by the way. B-)

I hate to turn back the clock in my life, but I wish I had a better understanding on the value I placed upon friendships and relationships in my life when in my early 20’s.  I wasted years of my life doing things which I see amounted to nothing, in relationship to my current state in life.  I invested a lot of time, energy, and resources people and interests which I held high in my heart at the time.. now 7-10 years later, time has passed, my relationships have moved on, and now in my early 30’s I have learned from my decisions in life to understand that the wise man plans ahead, and he seeks to better himself so that he can better his own family.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating, and living a vivacious lifestyle.  I admire those who have the courage to make the decisions to live the life they want.  I wish I was more stable and more confident in myself when I was younger, because I would’ve made at least one really good decision, and I would have placed more effort into making myself more stable, so that I could start a family earlier in life.  I’m not perfect, and truly, I am more analytical than most, which is sometimes a blessing or a curse.  Everyone should take time out be expressive; using our rights as an American to freely express ourselves.  Nevertheless, we should never live life as if life will end, because the Bible says that though our flesh will die, our spirit/soul will live forever.

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Jason Perry

I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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