Re-CreAtE Yourself

I’m moving forward in attaining a degree in the Nursing field. I can see from where I am now, that the road ahead of me that I will have to travel, will be testing. Although, I know that I am willing and more than capable to attain anything that I want.  It just a question of discipline and what I’m willing to sacrifice for it.

I attended an event for St. Jude Hospital about 2 weeks ago, and I remember seeing the promotion posters of different bald-headed babies, around the event.  I being ignorant, initially didn’t put together the babies were bald because they had cancer, as I passed by many of the posters.  I being a barber, just thought they all had short hair cuts  🙂 .  I just saw the little babies smiling and I was overwhelmed with the thought of them being happy.  Then it hit me, as I was taking pictures with others in front of the posters, that the babies where actually bald because they had cancer; plus, I realized I was attending a St. Jude’s event (St. Judes = Cancer) .  Nevertheless, forgetting my ignorance, I still was caught up with the thought, of that child who was born with cancer… a child whose future is already determined to have serious health problems ending most likely in death (without a miracle from God), and they receive this life by no fault of their own mind you.  Yet, these children still possess the ability to smile. That’s amazing.

Though I hardly ever spend time around toddlers or babies, I know that every time I am around one I feel so much energy.  Either because I have to do things for them, or I’m worried that something’s not right, or I just feel their energy of ‘being a baby’, as they feel so free to do anything and everything.

You know kids are always asking questions about everything.  “Why is this doing this Jason?  How come this is like this?  Where are you going?  What are you doing?  Why do I have stay still?”  Sometimes, it’s just why, why, why, and I know that it’s human nature 🙂  Anyway…. I just feel that I need to sometimes be like a child, and do things that are new, go places I’ve never been, learn something interesting… just find something to renew my mind. And, doing this not with the intent to ‘just do it‘ for the sake of doing something.  But to get out of my world for a few minutes and just be creative.  And I find that, people who live a life where they are continually being creative, smile more and have a better sense of personal fulfillment and contentment.

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I'm a black man with Christian values. A father to my son, a friend to those who desire my friendship, a lover of life and even more...

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