Hopes & Dreams

What are the things that you want in life? Everyone wants something… So, do you even know what you want out of life, or do you feel indifferent to what life has to offer you, choosing not to place the thought or energy it takes in order to find out how to make your hopes and dreams into a reality? Because we all have dreams of what we want to accomplish or ideas of what we want our life to be like; it’s just that some people live their life in a proactive way in order to make their dreams … Continue reading Hopes & Dreams

10 months in Hollywood

Sitting here at a café; I sit and ponder upon life, specifically my life. I gaze outside of the window and see people walking along the sidewalk, cars driving, and various productions studios where various TV programs are filmed, like Sunset and Gower Studios and Nickelodeon studios. But, all I can think is that, “I’m still here after 10 months.” Growing up on a 200 acre farm in the village of Wilson, my normal experiences in life as a child compared to my life now, are so different. I rarely meet anyone who can relate to that part of me … Continue reading 10 months in Hollywood