The Whole Truth

Tonight I decided to grill a hamburger for dinner. And, yes I know how to cook 🙂 . While eating, I glimpsed a comedy sitcom on television. One of the elements in the story line or plot in the sitcom was a child asking his mother about death... and, where do people go when they... Continue Reading →

Life and Death

Earlier tonight I watched a documentary on the life and career of Prince Rogers Nelson. In my opinion, Prince is one of the greatest musicians and entertainers of all time. Though most people probably only know Prince as a musician who dressed in feminine clothes and sang a lot of sexually explicit songs in the... Continue Reading →

Dealing With My Father’s Death

The past 2 and a half weeks have been such a difficult time in my life. As my father recently passed away unexpectedly, it's been difficult dealing with his funeral and all that comes with it, along with overcoming the grief and enduring the pain associated with the recent deaths in my hometown community of... Continue Reading →

Creation. What Do You Believe?

If you can read this then you are a human born from a woman, who was impregnated by the sperm of a man, which ultimately yielded you. People want to talk about life... well, let's talk about life. First, I want to address creation. In this journey called life, I believe that it's so valuable to... Continue Reading →

Act and not React

Sir Issac Newton, a well renowned scientist in the 1700s, though he was more of a natural philosopher than scientist if viewed in today's society. He wrote in his third law of motion, that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." So, you might be thinking..."what does that mean to me?" Ok, I'm happy you... Continue Reading →

Everyone Dies Alone

I just left an awesome church service tonight. I even sang in a large choir during worship and really felt the presence of God in my life and I received the words of inspiration from the speaker. During the worship service I stood among a multitude of people whom I didn't know, and I lifted... Continue Reading →

Gone Too Soon

I can see through the smile on your face To the agony in your soul, How can anyone dare to understand The paths your feet have treaded upon You fought what seemed to be a war A battle was waged between your body and your soul Embracing the moment, now your race is done Alone... Continue Reading →

Understanding Mortality

There are many examples I have seen in my life which have shown me how fragile life is.  When I was 13, I used to come home from school and sit at the bedside of my grandfather, who was one of my best friends growing up; for five months I watched him slowly lose his... Continue Reading →

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